Pass Plus

Have you recently obtained a licence for the first time? If you are new to the open road, the chances are high that your skills need to be slightly improved. One of the best and most effective ways to learn about the intricacies of safely driving involves completing what is known as a Pass Plus course. Pass Plus lessons have been specifically engineered to accommodate the questions and issues associated with new drivers. The main intention is to augment and compliment the skills that you previously learned when obtaining your licence.

Were you aware that one out of every five new drivers will be involved in some type of motor vehicle accident within the first year? Whether referring to a major situation or a minor fender bender, there is no doubt that avoiding such situations is critical. This is why countless novice drivers opt to take the Pass Plus course. The good news is that the course will require only six hours to complete and it is broken down into convenient 30-minute modules. You can also segment this course into two three-hour sessions if convenient.

Some of the main issues which will be addressed throughout this session include:

  • Driving on motorways and dual carriageways
  • Negotiating rural roads
  • Driving through towns

  • Night driving techniques
  • Dealing with all types of weather conditions

Keep in mind that you can only take this Pass Plus course if you have been driving for less than a year. Another final benefit involves the fact that those who complete this instructional seminar may be able to save as much as 30 per cent on car insurance; a benefit if you happen to be on a budget.

If you wish to learn more or to confirm a reservation, please contact me directly.