Where do I get a provisional license from?2020-01-16T11:21:28+00:00

I would say the quickest way to apply for your provisional licence is online at GOV.UK

You will have to be at least 16 years and 9 months old to apply for your provision al licence. It normally costs about £34 to apply online.

Do I need to pass my theory test before I start learning to drive?2020-01-17T11:37:19+00:00

No, you do not need to pass your theory test before you start to drive. You will need to pass it before you take your driving test though.

So in summary, once you have your provisional licence, you can book in to have driving lessons. During this time you can book your theory test. Once you have passed this, you can then book your driving test once you are ready.

What do I use to revise for my Theory test?2020-01-16T11:04:23+00:00

You can download the DVSA theory app. This will help you to revise for your theory test. It will have every question you need to help pass your driving test. It will also have interactive CGI hazard perception video clips exactly like the ones you will see on your test along with timed mock tests.

How do I book my Theory / Practical test?2020-01-16T10:51:04+00:00

You can book your Theory test by clicking on this link Book your Theory / Practical test  Before you start, you will need:

  • UK driving licence number
  • Email address – you have to book by phone if you don’t have one
  • Credit or debit card


Can you recommend any videos on Learning to Drive?2020-01-16T10:43:09+00:00

Yes I can. If you click on here How to Drive  you will be able to see many videos showing you how to drive, changing gears etc. If you have any questions regarding any of these videos or would like to ask a genral question about driving, then please contact me here.

I have just passed my driving test but have not had the confidence to go onto a motorway by myself, can you help?2019-12-31T04:28:23+00:00

Yes, we certainly can. we offer a pass plus course to qualified drivers who would like to drive on the motorway and dual carriageways and in the dark with myself. It really does help having someone highly qualified driving with you.

Will I need to have a lesson before my driving test?2019-12-31T04:28:07+00:00

We do suggest that you have at least an hour before your driving test just so we have time to get you to the test centre and can have a practise before the driving test takes place.

How long do your driving lessons last?2019-12-31T04:27:54+00:00

A typical lesson will last two hours. If you need just an hour then you can request this when booking your driving lesson. If you would like longer than two hours, then just ask.

Can you pick me up from my place of work and then drop me off at home after my driving lesson?2020-01-09T13:05:12+00:00

Yes of course we can. As long as you live in Braintree, Colchester and Harwich in Essex or the other towns we cover and work nearby. Please ask if in any doubt.

How much do you charge for your intensive course?2019-12-31T04:27:21+00:00

We charge £29 an hour for my intensive course. You could choose between 20 hrs 30 hrs or 40 hrs. We do ask that you pay in advance with at least 2 weeks’ notice to cancel. Unfortunately. We cannot give you a refund so make sure you do cancel in time.

What hours do you work?2019-12-31T04:27:00+00:00

We work 7 days a week, 7am-9pm. Ideal for pupils that need to have their lessons at the weekend or late at night.

How much do you charge for your driving lesson?2021-10-20T20:07:50+00:00

We charge £28 an hour to learn to drive in a manual car and £30 if you would like to learn to drive in an automatic car.

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