Intensive Crash Courses

Have you been looking to obtain a driving licence within a relatively short period of time? Might you be required to possess the proper skills in order to qualify for an upcoming employment opportunity? These are two of the many reasons why an intensive driving course might represent the perfect solution for your needs. What are some of the benefits of these seminars, how long will they generally last and when can you expect to be given a practical driving test?

The main purpose of an intensive driving course is to provide you with all of the skills that will be required in order to pass a practical driving test. Not only will you be taught all of the basic driving techniques, but safety issues are also addressed. The end result is that you will boast the knowledge and experience needed to approach any future examination with confidence. Depending upon whether or not you have driven in the past, these courses generally require between 20 and 30 hours to complete (although this may sometimes vary between individuals).

Assuming that you have completed my intensive driving course, the average waiting time before you are given the practical driving test is normally one month.

Of course, this will also depend upon the test centre in question as well as if any cancellations have taken place.

Your intensive driving course will consist of:

  • Driving around built up areas
  • Driving through busy town centres
  • Driving down country lanes
  • Driving at night

Whether you wish to obtain a valid licence within a short period of time or you feel that you have the confidence to attend one of our intensive courses, please feel free to contact me directly in order to learn more as well as to book a reservation.