First Time Drivers / New Drivers

If you have just turned 17 and have decided to take driving lessons then you couldn’t have chosen a better driving school in Essex. Drive Pass specialise in driving tuition. We welcome first time drivers and also experienced drivers that have not passed their test yet to come and see if they like the way we drive.

We feel that it is really important that you trust your new driving instructor and feel comfortable behind the wheel. Confidence will come in time. On your first lesson, I will explain to you everything you need to know about the car, gears and what we will be doing during your 2-hour lesson. You will be driving around but not on any busy streets.

As time goes on, I will teach you new manoeuvres that you will need to carry out on the day of your test.

When the time comes for you to take your test, I will drive you to the test centre. You will use my car and then once you have finished the test, I will drive you home whether you have passed your test or not.

If you wear glasses, you will need these for your driving lessons and your driving test. Also, can you please wear comfortable shoes. This will really make a difference. If you have any questions regarding my driving lessons. Please fell free to contact me today.